Technical control

We perform a technical inspection of vessels prior to sale. State of rigging, deck fitting, structure, bilges, equipment, hull… We move the boat on our pit to test the good working of the centerboard and rudder. This control (about ten hours) contributes to avoid unpleasant surprises for both the buyer and the seller. If necessary we can give advice on any future work to be carried out.


It is imperative to have a very clean boat, tidy and empty of all personal belongings. If the customer is unable or unwilling to ensure the cleaning, we can direct him to a specialized company or we can take it over directly.


A complete inventory is written together with the owner who certifies it. The seller is committed to providing us with the history of the boat and to notify us if it has been damaged.
The seller is advised to gather all necessary documentation beforehand, concerning the life of the boat, maintenance invoices, and maintenance book let of liferaft…
All equipment in the boat at the time of the visit should be included in the inventory. This inventory is the basis for negotiations, it will be attached to the bill of sale, hence the importance of its accuracy.
The complete inventory is posted on our website, which allows the potential buyer to become acquainted before visiting the boat.

Fixing the price

Our good knowledge of the market allows us to estimate the best and the fairest price, in agreement with the owner.


We post our adverts on our own website as well as on 2 other specialized websites :
“Annonces du bateau” targets national customers :
« Yachtworld » targets international customers :

Storage and visits

Owners are asked to sail to Arzal. Indeed, our organization does not allow us to visit boats out of Arzal. And also, we ensure technical oversight in our yard.


Storage on our platform is free throughout the selling period as long as a sale is made by ourselves.


If the sale is made directly by the owner, storage costs (see our rates) will be due from the beginning of storage.

The costs for lifting the boat are at the owner’s expense.


Visits of the boats take place every day from Tuesday to Saturday.

Naturally we speak English and we are used to negotiating with foreign customers as there are numerous clients interested in these types of boats.

Administrative formalities

When an agreement is reached between the seller and the buyer, we do a sale Compromise. Then the buyer pays a deposit (10% of the price of the boat) that we hold. Generally, the sale is subject to the condition precedent of a marine survey commissioned by buyers. The discovery of a serious or hidden defect is reason enough to cancel the sale or to renegotiate the price.

In the event of cancellation of the sale, Arzal Nautique agrees to refund promptly the deposit to buyers.

Once the suspensive clauses lifted (survey, ...), the bill of sale is written and signed by the two parties.

The boat must be paid in full on the day of signing the bill of sale corresponding to the transfer of ownership. Then we take care of administrative formalities with the Customs and the Departmental

Directorate of Territory and the Sea. (Change of name and / or maritime area) and the updating of the ship station license.


We support the new owner in the handover of the boat for half a day or more if necessary. We also offer personalized coaching to suit your needs.

(More information here)

Our commission

Our commission is 8% (With VAT) for boats displayed at € 100,000.

Our commission is 7% (With VAT) for boats from € 100,000 upwards.


We advise buyers to mandate a surveyor to complement our own technical inspection.

Today many insurance companies claim it.

We remind you that Arzal Nautique acts only as a broker

and in no way guarantees the condition of the property sold, particularly as regards possible hidden defects.