Sailing serenely with Arzal Nautique

Essential for the Ovnis market, Arzal Nautique offers you a list of used Ovnis but also other long sailing yachts like Alliage or Garcia boat. Our knowledge of these boats allows us to advise the seller on the selling price. A technical control is carried out for each boat we have for sale. This control is a mark of confidence for the buyers that we can advise concerning potential works to do.


Our role is to facilitate and secure transactions. Boats for sale on our yard are stored for free.


Complete our Warning application form to be informed in advance of the latest used Ovnis.

Arzal harbour offers many different contracts.

Do not hesitate asking us to help you to get a place for your boat.


ovni 395

Year 2016 - Price : 275 000€

(Decreasing price) 

ovni 35

Year 1983 - Price : 62 000€


ovni 345

Year 2001 - Price : 135 000€


ovni 36

Year 1997 - Price : 140 000€


ovni 385

Year 2002 - Price : 165 000€


ovni 385

Year 2000 - Price  : 155 000€