Gildas' retirement


It is with a lot of emotion that on December 23rd we celebrated

the departure of Gildas after 42 years of good and loyal services within Arzal Nautique.


Many customers and friends of the port came to show their sympathy.


It was an opportunity to retrace his professional career at the yard and to drink a glass to his health!

We wish him a well-deserved retirement.


 Gildas is handing over to Renaud Beauvais who has already worked with us for a few years and who is now taking on the role of workshop manager. 


Good luck to him too 



Repair of a dent on the bow of an OVNI 43


 (Following a shock against a concrete platform)


Arrivederci Antonella e Angelo !!



 Antonella and Angelo arrived last September for various works on their Ovni 345 "Stranniza".


After a great tour of Latin America, the boat needed a good refit : Sandblasting of the hull, complete overhaul of the centerboard and rudder, waterproofing of the portholes...


After four months of work, Stranizza and her crew passed through the lock this morning in grey and icy weather, heading for the Azores, their final destination.


It was a great meating, we wish them fair winds !!




Installation of a bow thruster in a tunnel on an Ovni 435.


Retractable bow thruster or tunnel; both solutions are possible.

Do not hesitate contacting us for a quotation.







Dear customers, 


Arzal Nautique stays open during the confinement and keep preparing your boat for the season.


We have resumed the spring handling !!



 Expansion works are finished.

New premises for Arzal Nautique.






In the heading "Our customers sail"


The Ovni 455 N°1 South of Chile.

She should be back in Brittany end of May.





More pictures








Works progress well


Our new building should be finished by the end of the year.




More pictures






Inauguration of the sandblasting building of Arzal Tuesday November 12th


 Arzal Nautique had the chance to inaugurate this great building with a first sandblasting of an Ovni 395.


 This beautiful new tool will allow us to carry out the sandblasting of our boats in excellent conditions.




More pictures

 Expansion of Arzal Nautique workshop


The 340m² expansion works will begin in september.

This enlarged new building will allow us to welcome yachts up to 55 feet.

This expansion contributes to the "OVNIS Clinic developement".


We are sure that this new worshop  will also bring quality services to other aluminum long distance cruising  boats

like Boréal, Alliage, Garcia, Allures...




The new Ovni 450 has just arrived in Arzal !


              Same hull as the 445, but what distinguishes it from its predecessor is its rigid aluminum top, the two steering wheels

and a wider arch.


This boat will stay at Arzal Nautique for various complementary equipment, electronic mainly, and will be launched

beginning of May.




Building of a sandblasting stucture on Arzal port !


The construction of the future sandblasting building has started.

This 190m² room which will be able to welcome boats

up to 19m long and 6m wide

should be operational in September 2019.


This new working tool is an advantage for Arzal Nautique.

it will allow us to optimize the quality of our sanding for a better control of the hygrometry during our painting refits.





 New departure for the Ovni 365 Souimanga


 Annette and Gerard finally let go their Ovni 365 to new horizons.


After 8 years sailing in southern Brittany and  Mediterranean, Souimanga left La Seyne sur Mer on a lorry, to Arzal (for a small technical stop) before joining her new home port in Great Britain for the pleasure of Malcolm, her new owner. We wish him "Fair Winds".









Back from Polynesia for Wili Cube,

Ovni 455 (2003)


After a four-year sailing trip, Wili Cube came back to Arzal,

looking for her new owner.

Departure from Noirmoutier in September 2014, then Spain, Morocco, Canaries, 2 seasons in the Caribbean, crossing the Panama Canal in April 2016, and finally Polynesia, the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Thaiti..

The return to France was operated by cargo in August 2018.

After some small works and a good check up,

the boat will be on sale very soon.





Looking for Ovnis to sell !


It is difficult for you to sell you Ovni, We can help you !

Thanks to our experience and expertise of Ovnis, we'll advise you on market prices and facilitate the transaction with French or foreign buyers.




The first OVNI 450 has been launched in May 2018.

Five other OVNI 450 are already under construction and should be delivered at the end of the year.




A new deck painting for this ovni 365 (year 2007)


Follow these works  step by step and in pictures. 

The boat will be ready for sale in May.




The magazine Voiles et Voiliers wrote about Arzal Nautique



Article Voiles et Voiliers Refit Ovni 36
Document Adobe Acrobat 4.0 MB

Une seconde vie pour cet Ovni 36


Suivez en temps réel les travaux de refit complet d'un Ovni 36, bientôt à la vente.



alubat ovni 395 365 445 495 ovni395 ovni365 ovni445 ovni495 occasion feeling

Bravo à Jeannot, Gérard et Yves pour cette belle transat !


C’est avec plaisir que l’on vient de  retrouver tout l’équipage de  « Jano »  dans l’écluse d’Arzal, après une traversée de l’Atlantique sur un Ovni 365.



alubat ovni 395 365 445 495 ovni395 ovni365 ovni445 ovni495 occasion feeling

De la nouveauté chez X-Yacht !



Le premier X4 est maintenant démoulé, et la construction avance à une vitesse étonnante !


Au cours des dernières semaines, L’infusion sous vide de la coque en sandwich avec résine époxy a été réalisée avec succès.


alubat ovni 395 365 445 495 ovni395 ovni365 ovni445 ovni495 occasion feeling

Refit complet


Après trois mois de refit complet, Taranis (Ovni 435 de 2001) ressort flambant neuf de notre chantier. LIRE LA SUITE

alubat ovni 395 365 445 495 ovni395 ovni365 ovni445 ovni495 occasion feeling


Arzal Nautique fait peau neuve !




« Arzal Nautique est heureux de vous faire découvrir son nouveau site Internet. Vous y trouverez le détail de nos activités ainsi que la gamme des voiliers neufs que nous proposons à la vente » 




alubat ovni 395 365 445 495 ovni395 ovni365 ovni445 ovni495 occasion feeling

arzal nautique vous propose un nouveau service

alubat ovni 395 365 445 495 ovni395 ovni365 ovni445 ovni495 occasion feeling

Suite à une demande grandissante de la part de nos clients, nous lançons un nouveau service de formation et d'accompagnement dans la prise en main de votre bateau.