Maintenance - Wintering – Equipment

We've been repairing, maintaining and winterising aluminium blue water yachts for many years.


Our expertise covers all aspects of aluminium sailing boats: 

  • Overhaul/repair: centreboard, rudder, steering system,
  • Inspection and anodic protection of your Ovni
  • Inspection and protection of the electrical system
  • Inspection and replacement of standing and running rigging
  • Maintenance and installation of electrical, electronic and comfort equipment


OVNIS require particular attention to : 


Drift :

. Control of drift (no oxidation problems? Is cathodic protection necessary?) .

. Checking the status of up/down manoeuvres and maintaining the down position.

. Check the condition of the hydraulic cylinder (for larger units).

. Check the condition of the rudder shaft (no corrosion problems?).

. Checking the condition of the shaft bearings.


Rudder :

. Check the condition of the rudder blade joints (greasing every 3 to 4 years is recommended).

. Check the condition of the rudder stock bearings.

. Check the condition of the rudder cylinder (no oxidation problems? cathodic protection required?). 


Steering system :

. Check the steering column bearings.                

. Check the tiller link ball joints.