Support and Training

Buying a boat is not a simple action. Many people dream in, some make the final step and not others. Restraint for purchase is not always financial, sometimes it's fear, the feeling that sailing is not for himself, too technical, too elitist.

That's why we offer support adapted to your situation.


Coaching is provided aboard your boat to meet your needs and expectations.

Training needs are of any kinds, it can go from assistance in handling your boat to a more targeted program like the shipping forecast.

Examples of training that we offer.

This list is not exhaustive; specify us your needs so we offer training that suits you.

learn to sail with a skipper


- Maneuvering in a port

- Improving the current sailing maneuvers

- Sailing in breezy conditions

- Use downwind sails

- Mooring on a buoy


- Sail without electronics

- Use the onboard electronics

- Use embedded computing

- Understand the weather


- Adapt the safety equipment

- Prevent and manage the man overboard

- Responding to unforeseen


Aymeric Belloir

Brevet d’Etat of Educator Sports Sailing

-Capitaine 500 Marine Marchande

- Brevet de Patron de Plaisance à la voile

- Boat Instructor School

- Scientific Baccalauréat



- Winner 2013 Mini Transat class series

- Vice Champion de France 2013 Espoir Course au large en solitaire

- Champion de France 2012 Espoir Course au large en solitaire

- Winner Les Sables/Les Açores 2012

- 3 Solitaire du Figaro (3ème bizuth 2007)

- 1 Transat AG2R (11th 2008)

- Skipper of Orma60 "Sensation" (ex Foncia of Alain Gautier)

- 100 000 miles escorts on 3 oceans


With his dual competency of educator and offshore racer, Aymeric has developed over the years a great experience sailing coach, following and training a large number of racers or boaters to all aspects of sailing. His experience of solitary racer combined with a real teacher talent allows him to help you find the keys to handling your small crew boat, whatever your goal.


Brevet de Patron de Plaisance à la Voile

- Capitaine 200 Voile

- Boat instructor school





- Boats handover, Support, Cruises, Coaching.



- Corporate Regatta, Seminars, Incentives.

- Escorts and coastal supports in Britanny.

- Escorts and half offshore support from France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain, Mediterranean.

- Escorts and offshore supports with various destinations from Europe such as Seychelles, Brazil, the Caribbean, Canada

- Latest Atlantic crossing in 2015 on an Ovni 495 to Quebec.



Tanguy, 40, a professional skipper since 2002, based in Quiberon, supports you for your navigation projects and adapts to your needs. Share his knowledge of South Brittany waters and his experience on a variety of boats including UFO.

These courses can be held on :


Complete day (8h – 18h00) - (Fixed price  300 € TTC)

24h00 (with night navigation) - (Ask for price)

A few days (offshore sailing to Spain or England) - (Ask for price)

TECHNICAL training on ovnis

- General maintenance of your boat (hull, painting ...)

- Specific technical maintenance of centerboarders (hydraulic systems, rudder /centerboard, moving parts of the rudder)

- Assistance with the preparation for a long sailing trip (Spare parts to think of)

our trainer







You feel uneasy with the maintenance of your boat, Gildas, 30 years as foreman in Arzal Nautique, will help and advise you.

He has not a long list of racing achievements but he has a very large experience of yachting in general and in Ovnis in particular.

Within a few hours, you can discuss with him many technical points. His skills and his legendary calm will make this training an instructive moment. "

(Ask for price)